Toyox Toyosilicone-S (for heat resistant and food)

Made of silicone rubber and able to handle pressure and vacuum feeds, pressure and heat, the TOYOSILICONE Hose has the excellent features of silicone such as heat resistance up to 150℃, and low leaching, insulation, and no odor. It can be used in equipment for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor industry, industrial furnace industry and more.

A general blade type hose, may bend or collapse during piping. In vacuum applications, the hose may collapse and become unusable, the metal coil may rust, or pulsation may occur during pressurization. TOYOSILICONE-S Hose is durable, capable of suction, and uses a reinforcing material that does not rust, so it helps improve safety, productivity and workability.

In addition to hoses, various dedicated couplings are available for higher safety and productivity.

* Specifications
Code I.D.×O.D. Working
Length  Min 
Applicable Couplings
Crimping Cap Nut Cam Arm
mm MPa kg/reel m mm FERRULE Male
Hexagon Nut
TSIS-19 19.5 X 28.5 -0.1 ~ 0.7 4.7 10 120 x   x x x x
TSIS-25 25.4 X 35.5 -0.1 ~ 0.7 7.0 10 180 x x x x x x
TSIS-32 32 X 43.5 -0.1 ~ 0.7 10.0 10 225 x x x   x x
TSIS-38 38.1 X 50.5 -0.1 ~ 0.7 12.5 10 280 x x x   x x
TSIS-50 50.8 X 64.5 -0.1 ~ 0.3 8.5 5 390 x x x     x



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