Made of special polyurethane resin for pressure resistance in air pressure feeds, the TOPRUN Hose

TOPRUN Hose was developed to reduce punctures caused by sparks from a grinder or the like that are often found at a work site to prolong its service life.
In addition, it is lightweight, oil resistant, flexible, supple and the surface slides well, eliminating problems such as the hose getting caught on things and improving workability. Ideal for pneumatic tools such as impact wrenches, air drivers, nail guns and spray guns.

* Specifications
 Code   I.D.×O.D.   Working 
 Bursting Pressure 
 Length   Packing 
 MPa(kgf/cm2  MPa(kgf/cm2  Kg/Roll  m
 TH-6   6.3×10 
 0-1.5(0-15)   7.0 (70)  6 100  Bobbin 
 TH-8   8.3×12.5 
9 100  Bobbin 

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