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As power feed leads from the welding
power source to the Electrodes.
Temperature Rating
-48°C to 85°C
Stranded bare copper for Tuff-Cable or
Tuff Neoprene Welding Cable.
Stranded bare copper Lead Cured for Tuff
Lead Cured Neoprene Welding Cable.
Voltage Rating
1000 Volts
Tape wrapped for single insulation.
Neoprene rubber for double insulation.
Neoprene (Polychloroprene) sheathed.
Nature Rubber for Tuff Black Welding Cable.
High tear strength neoprene jacket with excellent resistance to oil, flame, abrasion and impact of run over by heavy loads. Designed as an all weather cable for indoor and outdoor use under severe environmental conditions, in blistering heat or sub zero temperature.

Osha Welding Cable Safety Requirements
- Coiled welding cable must always be spread out before using to avoid overheating.
- Welding cable must never be coiled or looped around the body.
- Cable must not be spliced within 10ft of the holder.
- Cable with damaged insulation must be repaired or replaced.
- Welding cable must be joined only by recommended connections.