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'JAPAN' Type Brass Series

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'JAPAN' Type Brass Series


Tuffco Electrode Holder feature a low profile design that allows for a more comfortable feel in the welders' hand and an easier fit into tight areas. The high copper alloy construction offers optimum conductivity. Molded from high impact, high temperature fiberglass compound, the tip insulators can withstand intensive heat and impact.

Amperage Capacity
Cable Capacity
Electrode Up to
 5/32" (3.9mm)
 3/16" (4.8mm)
 1/4" (6.0mm)
 5/16" (7.8mm)
Suitable for use in the following welders
 Kempi Master 2800,
Mega ARC 
 Miller Goldstar 300SS, SRH333
 Kempi Master 3500,
Mega ARC R400S,
 3525G, 4030G
 Goldstar 400SS, SRH444
 Kempi Master 5000,
 Esab LHF630
 Panasonic YD500SWP,
Mega ARC 5050G

 Miller Goldstar 500SS,
 Syncrowave 500T
 Kempi Master 5000,
 Esab LHF630
 Panasonic YD500SWP,
Mega ARC 5050G

 Miller Goldstar 500SS,
 Syncrowave 500T